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Newbury Plasterers - FAQs

— How long will it be before I can decorate my newly plastered walls?

— This will depend on several factors but usually when the plaster has changed colour from a dark brown to a light pink, which generally takes 7 – 10 days. It is essential that the plaster has fully dried out before any paint is applied.

— Can you remove artex or textured coatings from my walls and ceilings?

— Artex and most textured coatings can be simply covered and smoothed to leave a clean and even finish. In some cases, walls/ceilings that pre date the mid 1980’s traces of asbestos could be present and in this case we would overboard it or call in an asbestos removal company to remove and depose of the asbestos.

— Do you give free quotes?

— Our estimating service is free of charge and without obligation. Because every job is different a home or site visit will almost certainly be required. After our visit we will submit a written quotation to you for the work you require.

— How long does the average plastering job take?

— There’s no average plastering job really, each job tends to be different but an average size bedroom is roughly a day’s work. Obviously when we come and do a site visit a more accurate time scale will be given.

— I had a leak in the bathroom and now my kitchen ceiling is stained and sagging do I need the whole ceiling replaced?

— Generally, yes, all damaged and stained boards will have to be replaced and the whole ceiling re-plastered so as to achieve a professional finish. In most instances this would be an insurance claim so we would supply you with a written quotation to submit to your insurers.

— What do I need to do prior to Newbury Plasterers starting work?

— A completely clear room is the best scenario but we understand this is not possible in most cases. So we would ask for as much furniture and ornaments be removed as possible. While working on your property we will need access to water and electricity.

—Do Newbury Plasterers have all the necessary insurances in place?

— Yes, we have full public liability insurance cover for £10m and employer’s liability insurance for £5m. Our staff are also conversant with health and safety which is adhered to as a matter of course. When required, risk assessments and method statements documentation will be provided.

— Do carpets need to be remove before you start work?

— In 99% of cases no, we would fully cover and protect the floor area prior to starting the contract. After the work has been completed we will remove the protection and leave the room clean and tidy.

— What do I need to do about radiators, sockets and switches?

— Best practice would be to remove all radiators and isolate and remove all electrical sockets and switches. If this would cause to many problems, it is something we can discuss before we commence the contract.

— Do I need to apply a primer to the new plaster before I decorate it?

— This is always a necessary job, and priming prior to painting is essential so that the paint you use as a final coat does not peel. Whilst DIY stores may sell you products specifically named primer, they can be pricey. Using a water based emulsion in a very light colour should be sufficient. If you are simply painting the wall a good quality paint is generally a good idea on top of the chosen primer.

— Are there any special requirements for painting plaster?

— We recommend that you wait 30 days before painting to allow the plaster to completely dry. Then using any emulsion paint water down half paint half water and apply to the plaster. Once dry, your plaster will be ready to be painted with normal emulsion.

— Are there any special requirements for wallpapering plaster?

— As painting, the plaster must be completely dry before hanging wallpaper. Once dry, coat the wall with either an acrylic sealer/primer or a mixing size of wallpaper paste, then leave to fully dry (overnight) and then wallpaper.

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